Welcome to the page from our second litter

After my first litter I thought every litter I would have would go wrong like my litter. But nothing more was true. Russin gave birth to 4 healthy tortie girls without any problems. They all grow up into beautiful little rascals.

Unfortunately after 1 year Lady Advantage (Luna) couldn’t stay with her first owners. Then when she was 1 years old she came back to my cattery and after 9 months (2010) she was given away for free to breeders in Belgium. This breeders only had to pay for the mating with Zelvitas Titan. She was pregnant by that time. Bad luck stroke again for Lady Advantage (Luna). Luna was sold this year (2015) again to breeders in The Netherlands. Hopefully she has found here her forever home.

Lady Patience was given away for free with a friend, but on the contract I stayed the owner of  Lady Patience. For still unknown reasons this friend got murdered in 2009 and after a lot of work and stress I got Lady Patience back. The police rescued all he cats in the owners home and all cats were brought to a shelter. The shelter didn’t want that Lady Patience came to me, because I was the breeder. Luckily I had a contract that I was still the owner of Lady Patience and she was only given as a host cat for free. After the police called the shelter I could come and pick her up after I paid the rescue fee. I was willing to pay this because, I wanted to have her back. In 2010 I mated her to Zelvitas Titan. My pregnancy went wrong and I had to go to the hospital with pregnancy poising. Lady Patience had got her kittens in an other cattery. She got 4 beautiful kittens. After this litter she stayed in this cattery. In 2011 she came back to my home again and she found her forever home in Poland in 2012. Unfortunately in 2014 she passed away. The autopsying showed that her kidney’s stopped working. I hope she is in a happy place over the rainbow bridge without any pain.

Lady Lacey was sold to a cattery in The Netherlands. In 2013 this cattery stopped and Lady Lacey came back to my cattery. Lady Lacey had all her healthy checks and she is fully healthy. My plan is to mate her in 2015 to a wonderful boy.

Lady Elliania is sold to Cattery Sardja’s. She is here a happy neuter. She living a wonderful live.

SC. NL*Sterrenkatten’s Barbarossa
NFO d 03 23
HCM Normal, GSD IV N/N (Normal)
PKD Normal, PK Def N/K (Carrier)


GIC. S*Långängens Russin
NFO ns 24
HCM Normal, GSD IV N/N (Normal)
PKD Normal, PK Def N/N (Normal)

Date of birth: 10-07-2008

Lady Patience


NFO fs 09

Cattery Kiyo”Kag 

Lady Elliania


NFO fs 09 23

Cattery Sjarda’s

IC. Lady Lacey


NFO f  09 23

Cattery van Siriusland

CH. Lady Advantage


NFO fs 09 23