Welcome to the page from our first litter

Our first litter was not the easy way to start your breeding career with. Everything what could go wrong went wrong. I had no idea what you normally do with before a litter was born. So I didn’t do an ultrasound so I had no idea how many kittens should be born. After Mirthe give labour to 3 healthy kittens, I thought she was ready. No! The next morning two more kittens were born. So I went to the vet because I had an idea she was going to give birth to more babies. But the vet told she was ready. Mirthe thought something different and she give birth to very big big boy. He was dead. After 5 days the kittens started to have pneumonia and 4 of the 5 kittens died. I was up for hours and hours to save them with bottles and tubes but nothing worked.

I learned the hard way, that nature is hard and breeding horrible. I told my self that I was never going to have kittens again in my cattery. But I mated Russin and Deerne already and I had no choice then going on to have the other litters. Lucky me that both girl were pregnant because I know sure that I stopped breeding if they were not pregnant.

I’m very happy with Bella Rossa. She became a very beautiful red and white tabby girl. She lives with a loving family in The Netherlands.

This litter took so much of Mirthe her health that this was her only litter. After this litter she never became the beautiful big cat, she always was. She was and will be my favourite cat. She was my best pet cat ever.

SC. NL*Sterrenkatten’s Barbarossa
NFO d 03 23
HCM Normal, GSD IV N/N (Normal)
PKD Normal, PK Def N/K (Carrier)


IC. D*Dyrdal’s Mirijana
NFO f 03 22
HCM Normal, GSD IV N/N (Normal)
PKD Normal, PK Def (unknown never tested)

Date of birth: 10-07-2008

Bella Rossa


NFO d 09 23