Welcome to our kitten page

Our cattery is a hobby cattery with only Norwegian forest cats. In 2005 we started our cattery and bought our first Forest cats. And as with many more people the Norwegian virus struck at me.

Our cattery is located in Rotterdam. We live in a former cattle farm.

Occasionally we have kittens who grow up in our home and used to children and other cats. Sometimes we have rescue cats available. These are cats who are no longer living with their owners. None of my own cats are available for re-homing.

Our website is under construction but in the future you can find all kinds of information about our cattery. You can also find information about the forest cat in general. For example: where to look at if you want to buy a forest cat. What you need to consider if you want a forest cat. What to consider if you want to breed a litter. Etc.

I work constantly on my site. It’s is a lot of work to post everything at once. So occasionally this site is updated.

Available kittens

Available cats for re-homing (Sometimes I have rescue cats available for re-homing. My own cats are NOT available)

All litters born in my cattery. This site is under construction.

Future plans