S*Little L’s Midori

S* Little L’s Midori
GSD IV N/N (Negative) by parents, PK Def N/N (Negative) by parents
HCM, PKD & CIN Not tested jet


NFO n 09 22

Date of birth: 23-04-2012


Father: SC. S*Swingcat’s Isaac Rodzon, DVM
Mother: CH. S*Little L’s Adorable Manta

Not been to show jet

Not been to show jet

Owner: Cattery van Siriusland
Breeder: Sylvia Dahlkvist

Her offspring you can find at the bottom of this page

Calling name: Mido

Midori is born in Sweden at cattery Little L’s in Fritsla. When I saw her on facebook, I liked her a lot. She was so sweet and so good looking I would love to have her. Mido’s father Swingcat’s Isaac Rodzon is a great grand child of the father of my Långängens Russin (Millenniums Sheraton). I love this pedigree because most of them have fantastic coat qualities.

Mido hasn’t been to shows yet because she didn’t like it as a kitten. She will be shown later on the year. She needs some time to develop more body and coat at this moment.

Mido is a very good friend of our daughter Amber.

In 2012 Mido is born with Sylvia Dahlkvist from cattery Little L’s.

Midori’s offspring

Little L’s Midori and our daughter Amber