GIC. S*Långängens Russin

GIC. S*Långängens Russin
GSD IV N/N (Negative) 26-05-2008, PK Def N/N (Negative) 28-08-2013
HCM, PKD & CIN Negative: 27-02-2013, 04-02-2011, 24-02-2009 & 22-03-2007


NFO n(s) 24

Date of birth: 18-02-2006


Father: IC. S* Millenniums Sheraton, JW
Mother: IC S* Ulabrands Opal

Grand International Champion

2x NOM, 5X BIV

Owner: Cattery van Siriusland
Breeder: Lize-Lott Björklund

Her offspring you can find at the bottom of this page

Calling name: Poesin

Russin is our first Norwegian Forest Cat from Sweden. I had seen Russin on the website of Lize-Lott. She was for sale for a longer period. She was already 1 year old. But Russin was my dream cat. She has big ears and a fantastic coat quality. She was exactly what I was looking for as a female for my male Sterrenkatten’s Barbarossa. Russin and Barbarossa gave us a beautiful litter were Lady Lacey did fit my expectations. For her second litter I went to Germany for a mating with a Swedish boy Dicoth’s Sir Elton John. Out of this litter Our Solemn Hour stayed. For her third litter I used my Zelvitas Titan and there was 8C Competizione who lives now in France. Russin has proven she is a fantastic breeding cat and she is even better then I could wish for.

Russin is an independent cat who likes to decide when she gets her attention. When she wants attention she jumps on your lap if she doesn’t she run away. Russin loves my husband Gideon.

Russin is breed by Lize-Lott Björklund.

Russin’s offspring