S*Little L’s Uzon

S*Little L’s Uzon
GSD IV N/N (Negative) (by parents), PK Def N/N (Negative) (by parents)
HCM, PKD & CIN to be tested


NFO w 61

Date of birth: 10-09-2013


Father: IC. S*Säterjäntan’s Fakir
Mother: S*Little L’s Nazilli, JW


4x BIV

Owner: Cattery van Siriusland
Breeder: Sylvia Dahlqvist

His offspring you can find at the bottom of this page

Calling name: Bert

Bert is born at cattery Little L’s from Sylvia Dahlkvist. When we wanted to have our first Forest cats we looked for a male at Judith Zuurveld. She was having a litter with boys. She also have a white and a cream male. Judith told us that both were not show quality. But there we felt in love with a cream and a white male. The cream boy I found in Ra-Ma-Zotti but for a white boy of my dreams I had to wait a little longer.

In 2007 I had bought a little white boy, but a few days before I was going to pick him up he became sick. In 2009 I breed a white girl myself but she was partly deaf on one ear. In 2013 I saw Bert been born and ask Sylvia if I could be on the waiting list for him. I knew Sylvia was so in love with him that it would be very difficult for her to let him go. At the World show in Ålborg Sylvia asked if I was still interested in him.

In January 2014 I could pick him up in Fritsla (Sweden). Bert is all were I was dreaming off. He is a fantastic show cat and he is amazingly sweet.

Bert is NOT available for an outside mating.

Bert’s offspring

No offspring of Bert yet so another picture of him