SC. S*Zelvitas Titan, DVM, DM

SC. Zelvitas Titan DVM
GSD IV N/N (Negative) 26-05-2008, PK Def N/N (Negative) ??-06-2013
HCM, PKD & CIN Negative 23-05-2016, 27-02-2013, 04-02-2011, 28-09-2009, 04-09-2008


NFO n 03 22

Date of birth: 14-11-2007


Father: IP. & GIC. Förtrolighetens Klas Kattfot
Mother: SC Rosenöra’s Shakira

Supreme Champion
Distinguished Merit and Distinguished Variety Merit
9th place Skogkatt of the Year 2009


Owner: Cattery van Siriusland
Breeder: Anna Almqvist

His offspring you can find at the bottom of this page

Calling name: Titus

Titan is very special to me. I saw him at the website of his breeder and it was love on first sight. I contacted my friend Lotta from Langangens and she had the same. I was so happy that Anne Almqvist allowed me to have him. Titan is my best male. He is an incredible good breeding cat and also very beautiful.  

Titan is always very successful at shows. His strong qualities of very good side lines and his very beautiful profile he gives to his offspring. He also has a very nice temper.

Titan is de father of a lot beautiful show cats. He is also the father of our National Winner Elvdal’s Ra-Ma-Zotti. He is also the father of our Lady Grace and Rhea.

Titan is occasionally available for an outside mating. Have a look at my mating conditions. Or contact me at

Titan’s offspring