NL*Sleipnir van Siriusland

NL*Sleipnir van Siriusland
GSD IV N/N (Negative) (by parents), PK Def N/K (Carrier)
HCM, PKD & CIN not tested yet


NFO n 09

Date of birth: 16-11-2015


Father: SC. NL*Sterrenkatten’s Barbarossa
Mother: PL*Zula Mroon



Owner: Cattery van Siriusland
Breeder: Cattery van Siriusland

His offspring you can find at the bottom of this page

Calling name: Harry

Harry is born at our cattery in 2015. It was not planned  that he would stay in our cattery. Barbarossa died unexpected and I would love to have an offspring after him in breeding. Harry is the only open males after Barbarossa.

Sleipnir develops as a very big strong boy. The happy and very playful. At his age of 6 months he is now 3,8 kg. He has a profile what I love. Straight and very good rounded forehead. He has an extremely long tail. But most important he has the best temper ever.

The lines of Sleipnir are not very common. So for me he is very interesting for the future breeding. Maybe his ears could be lager but with the right females I think he can give fantastic kittens. If a cattery is interested in him please feel free to contact me for me it is important that these lines stay available for the future breeding

Sleipnir is for now NOT available for an outside mating. I want to use him first in my own breeding program.

Sleipnir’s offspring

Sleipnir van Siriusland as a little boy of 5 weeks old