Who is Ilse van Voren.

My name is Ilse van Voren. In 2004 we (my husband Gideon Zegwaard) and I decided to have 2 Norwegian Forest Cats. For me it was important to have two cats that I could show. I used to have English Cocker Spaniels with my parents. We loved to take the Cockers to shows.  In February 2005, we picked up our two cats. First we went to Fred Schara to retrieve Sterrenkatten’s Barbarossa and later that afternoon we drove to northern Germany to Sylvia Helmers to pick up Elvdal’s Seute Deern

Meanwhile our cattery exists now 11 years in 2016.

Our cattery is located in Rotterdam. We live in a former cattle farm.

Occasionally we have kittens who grow up in our home and used to children and other cats.

Amber and Lady Lacey van Siriusland

View from our garden

Ilse and Zelvitas Titan

Gideon and Långängens Russin

Our house

Skyline of Rotterdam